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Each month, more than 2,000 KALW members make an ongoing donation to support Local Public Radio. They are our sustaining members and their contributions play an important role in making it possible for KALW to operate

Start a new monthly gift today. It's the best way to help. It's convenient ... it provides ongoing support for your favorite programs ... and you'll feel good knowing you're making your community a better place by helping bring KALW to everyone. To set up your sustaining membership use this form to select a monthly amount that's right for your monthly budget. 

What's the benefit?

Sustaining memberships help us project our cash flow for the year and allow us to save on mailing costs. 

Sustaining memberships also help us sustain the environment. Your monthly renewal cuts down on paper mailings, which means less trees for paper, less printing and ink, and less carbon-based fuel and emissions to deliver them. And it helps to keep your mailbox free of renewal requests! 

How does it Work?

As a sustaining member, your donation is made on an ongoing basis until you tell us otherwise. Gifts are made by a direct monthly transfer of funds to KALW via your credit card or by direct deduction from your checking or savings account either as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or as Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. We encourage members who are comfortable with direct transfers to set up this kind of monthly payment as it allows all funds to go directly to KALW without credit card fees. Alternatively, you may elect to use a credit card and add the processing fee to your donation.


If you have questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you in setting up your donation. Per recommendations by the CDC, most KALW employees are required to work remotely for the time being, including our membership team! Thank you for opting to email your questions to us at

💖 Thank you for your support of Local Public Radio.


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