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There are a number of ways that people first discover us. Sometimes it’s through a friend or colleague. Or you stumble upon KALW during a frustrating commute and get hooked. You may have been listening to public media all your life, from the back seat of your parents’ vehicle. Whatever your reason, we love having you as a listener. We'd love it even more if you become a supporter!

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Over 70% of our operating budget comes from the generous support of listeners in our local communities. Your donation provides the Bay Area community with international, national, and local independent reporting, along with an eclectic mix of music, arts and culture programming.

One of the things we’re most proud of at KALW is being able to bring you voices and perspectives from your community. You learn more about what is happening in the Bay Area from those voices. Stories that are overlooked... KALW invests in making sure those stories are shared.
We’re passionate about creating and making something original each day -- something made just for you. Your donation allows us to continue this work.
To mail your donation to KALW, please send to:
KALW Public Media
Attn: Membership 
500 Mansell Street
SAn Francisco, CA 94134-1858

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